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Company Profile

Company Name:DOHO Corporation
Address (Head office):WEST, 5th floor, Riverside Sumida, 1-19- 9, Tsutsumidori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 131-0034, Japan
Foundationin 1948
Capital fund:80,000,000 yen
PresidentTakayasu Aihara
Employees:Approx. 60 people (Consolidated group)
Group achievementsAchievements as of 2018
Consolidated net sales 11,844,000,000 yen
Consolidated ordinary profit 225,000,000 yen
Achievements as of 2017
Consolidated net sales 10,351,000,000 yen
Consolidated ordinary profit 172,000,000 yen
Achievements as of 2016
Consolidated net sales 8,148,000,000 yen
Consolidated ordinary profit 136,000,000 yen
*Total sum of simple consolidation in Japan, Philippines, Shanghai and Korea

Board of Directors

President:Takayasu Aihara
Board of directors:Mitsuo Ujiie
Board of directors:Yosuke Ito
Board of directors:Lee Sung In
Board of directors:Ichiro Togami (Part-time, JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation)
Company auditor:Fujio Usui (Part-time, JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation)


Takayasu Aihara34.375%
Dream Incubation Inc.34.050%
JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation12.500%
Mitsuo Ujiie6.313%

Yosuke Ito6.313%
Keiko Fuseya5.625%
Junko Mori0.825%

Access Map

By Train

Tobu line, Higashi Mukojima Station, approx. 9 mins on foot.
All Lines, Minami Senju station, approx. 20 mins on foot.
Keisei line, Keisei Hikifune station, approx. 15 mins on foot.

By Car

Metropolitan Expressway (Shutoko)
Mukojima line, Mukojima exit and entrance.

By Shuttle Bus

To get to shuttle bus stop,
From Tobu line, Hikifune station, approx. 13 mins on foot.
From Keisei line, Keisei Hikifune station, approx.. 3 mins on foot.


Shuttle bus stop / Timetable