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Our Line Up

Pure Copper materials

Pure CopperC1020,C1100,C1220
Copper-Tin alloyEFTEC3,SNDC,S-CUR
Copper-Iron alloyTAMAC4,KFC,TAMAC194,HCL194
Other Copper alloyZC-H,MSP-1,AGCUR,C15150

Beryllium Copper materials

Beryllium CopperC1700,C1720,BeCu11,BeCu7

Titanium Copper materials

Titanium CopperC1990,C1990HP,NKT180,NKT322,YCUT

Copper / Zinc materials

BrassC2600,C2680,C2801,WNS7,NKB032, NKB052, NKB083
Red BrassC2100,C2200,C2300,C2400

Copper / Tin materials

Phosphor BronzeC5111,C5102,C5191,C5210,C5210HP,C5240HP,KLF7,KA825,KA1025

Copper / Nickel / Zinc materials

Nickel SilverC7521,C7701

Nickel / Silicon Copper materials

Corson alloyC7025,NKC164,NKC1816,NKC286,NKC388

Copper / Nickel / Tin material

High nickel precipitation hardening materialMX96,MX215

Stainless Steel materials

Precipitation hardening-basedSUS631

Aluminum materials

Pure Aluminum and Aluminum alloyA1050, A1100, A3003,A5052,A5257,A6061

High Nickel materials

Pure NickelNi
Heat-resistant alloyINCOLOY800, INCONEL600, HASTELLOY
Low and high thermal expansion alloys36Ni-Fe,42Ni-Fe,KV(コバール)
Soft magnetic materialsPB,PC

Special materials / Processing materials

PlatingPlated metal (Gold, Silver, Nickel, Tin etc.),Nickel plated steel plate,
Plating method (Whole surfaces, One side, Different thickness, Striped)
CladVarious Clad materials (Overlays, Inlays, Edge-lays etc.)

Non-ferrous metal products

ForgingDie-cast, Cold forging, Hot forging, Lost wax etc.
Machine processingBacking plate, Heat sink etc.