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Recycling Business

DOHO group directly obtains materials from Metal manufacturers,
also we have strength in direct sales of recycled material.
We can offer you the best solution of recycling collecting to meet customers’ needs.

We have a Recycling Center in Yashio, Saitama in Japan.
As well as building partnerships with companies from the same business field,
we provide prompt and flexible Recycling collection distribution both in Japan and overseas.

For customers to request us Recycling collection business at ease,
we offer recycling flow, issue recycling certification and complete NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) etc.

With our consistent offering from Sales of Metal materials to Recycling collection,
we are committed towards production cost reduction for customers, and efficiency.


Materials for Copper-brass manufacturers

Copper / Brass / Phosphor bronze / Copper wire / Various Copper alloys and plated products (Sn, Ni) etc.

Materials for Smelting manufacturers

Copper alloy / Sludge contained Copper and Precious metals etc.

Materials contained Precious metals

Printed circuit board / Electronic component / Sludge / Waste fluid / Plating materials etc.

Rare metal materials

Nickel-based / Cobalt-based / Tungsten-based / Molybdenum-based / Tantalum-based etc.

SUS / Aluminum materials

SUS301, 304, 316, 430 etc. / A1050, 3003, 5052 etc.