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Our Roles

DOHO group obtains a wide range of Metal materials from our own bountiful procurement sources as per customers’ needs.

We offer customers optimal Solutions to respond to customer’s needs and tasks such as Quality, Cost, Delivery date,
Export & Import handlings, Offshore trade, VA/VE proposals, and perfect Global procurement management and so on.

For collection of various recycled materials, not only in Japan, but also through our overseas network and partner networks, we sell Metal materials as well as construct a one-stop efficient business.

Furthermore, as a trading company in the field of Non-ferrous materials, we consider that metal material manufacturing suppliers and processing companies are also our important partners.


In the quick change and invisible environment ahead, we are not stuck in old common practices or customs,
we will connect customers and partners and create a profitable value together.

That’s Our Role that the DOHO group should pursue.